Spirit Ranch - Winter Vacation - Horse boarding - Oct 1 to May 1

Rates & Services

We have full hookup available for your living quarter horse trailers or RVs.   The monthly rate for your rig and two people will be  $250, for the 2018-2019 season,  for a full hookup, water, sewer, electricity and trash.  There are a few over-the-air television stations available.  We don't provide cable or WiFi.  The Salome library has good internet service.

Dogs  are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times while on this property.
No dogs tied to the round pen or arena fences or left outside when you are away.

Rates for 2018-2019 season will be as follows:

We charge $20 per night per rig  (cash please) which includes full hookup, water, sewer and electric.  ATMs are available in Salome.

The charge for overnight stabling your horse, either in a stall, the round pen or in one of our pastures, is

$20 per night per horse.

Weekly rate is $125.00 per horse.  You provide all your own feed and take care of your animals.

Monthly rate is $125.00 per horse if you do all the work, provide your own feed, clean your paddock twice a day.  

If you want to bring in your own hay and provide your supplements, we will feed it for you and the monthly rate would be $175.00 per horse.

 To reserve a stall or a field, or to inquire about  availability, just:

 drop us an email at ttpets@yahoo.com or

call Dian at 928-916-0177.