The Horses at Spirit Ranch The Horses at Spirit Ranch Dian and Roxie One of the first rides in the round pen. 171379856 Gidget Arriving at the Ranch. 205289644 Arena At sunset 3100230 Trail 3100242 End of Trail Back to the barn. 3100231 View from Horseback Steve riding Spirit 3100521 Snake Steve found it under a rock. Yipes! 3100524 Organ Pipe bloom In our yard 12804096 Sunset Arena and stalls in the evening 12804097 Stormy sunset 09/09/08 12804098 Beautiful morning 12804078 Horny toad Love this little guy 153388070 Cactus bloom This lasts one day 153388073 Snow on the mountain Arena and snow 153388074 Storm brewing Evening at the Ranch 153388075 171379857 Roxie at Harry Whitney clinic Roxie 194428579 At Deer Valley Ranch, Colorado Roxie 194428798 Son, Steve and I, at the cactus favorite cactus 194428799 Three Amigos Joni, Linda and Dian heading out to the trail. 195483233 Roxie at Harry Whitney clinit Feb/14 195483235 Dian watching Harry 195483336 Roxie on the rail 195483337 Looking for obstacles 195483339 Roxie and Dian in Trail area. 195483338 Working around the barrels 195483340 205289645 Roxie at her best! 195483341 205289646 205289647