Spirit Ranch - Winter Vacation - Horse boarding - Oct 1 to May 1

About Us

I bought a horse, his name was Spirit, on a trip into Phoenix one hot summer day in 2001.  Found an ad in the newspaper while waiting for my husband to shop.

We needed a place of our own, found the land, installed a round pen and a stall.

Next we needed water, drilled a well - 550' later, we've got water.

Next, electricity to run the pump.

Next a septic tank and building permit.

We bought a double wide manufactured home and had it delivered and set up.

We have a Ranch!  It is 6 acres, small compared to real ranches that raise cattle, etc, but it is a ranch nonetheless.

We previously owned the Desert Gem RV Park, in Harcuvar, which is just across the railway tracks and about a half mile from our Ranch.   We owned it from 1998 until October,2007, due to poor health, we sold the RV Park.

We are always amazed at how many different species of birds are in Arizona.  Just to name a few, we have had a flock of egrets, a flock of vultures, one lone sea gull, a Baltimore Oriole, several red pole sparrows, canaries, humming birds, red headed woodpeckers, tons of doves and lots of quail. And a Roadrunner.   Now, that is Retirement!

We bought an old Kubota diesel tractor and I love it.  If we had 40 acres and I'd never be inside the house.

 I am originally from Ontario, Canada, and I readily admit, I don't miss the cold winters at all.  The summer heat in Arizona is bearable compared to the cold, snowy winters in Ontario.  I miss a few sunny, bright days when I could go snowshoeing with my friend but other than that, picture postcards are just fine.

I look forward to having people come and explore our area, miles of riding trails and things to see and do in the Salome area

Hope to see you soon.

Update October 2013